Monday, April 9, 2007

Ready, Set, Sell

Brooke Transportation Training announces a great opportunity for anyone who sells anything and could use some new ideas and inspiration. And who doesn’t need a new idea?

Bryan Flannigan, author and speaker, comes to Dallas Tuesday, June 26, 2007 for an intensive one-day advanced sales course.

“Bryan is very refreshing and has a great presentation! Everyone of our Agent family, who attended one of his presentations, was very impressed and felt his presentation was very helpful. He gave them a new outlook on sales and how to make a good sales call. After all sales and communications is what this business is all about and Bryan will bring the best out in you!! He is a plus to Jeff's (Roach of Brooke Training)training program!” Ron Moore, agent broker trainer

Bryan is author of Now Go Sell Somebody Something. He is a highly sought after dynamic and entertaining speaker with the Zig Ziglar Group. We are offering this $1500 value for $899.00 per individual student. This is ideal for a carrier or broker or agent who wants to get the best sales training available.

This one day seminar is part of the Advanced Freight Broker Training offered through Brooke Training. The one day intensive can be taken separately or as a part of the week long advanced course.

Email or call Jeff Roach for more information:, (214) 206-1169

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Krish Dhanam said...

Having been in the training space for over fifteen years, this post struck a chord with me. It is amazing that some people think success comes by hanging around the periphery of activity. True success that is long lasting and life changing comes with "tenacity" and keeping your eye on the prize.