Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fast Food World

People want their needs met fast. We live in a fast food world. Technology is continually making things faster. Count the number of express signs you see today - express lube, express checkout, express lane, etc. Think about it. How fast is fast enough? Everyone wants his or her needs met fast. The need for speed is driving much of the business world’s innovations. Everything is going mobile. I just read that the “hover craft” as seen in the Back to the Future Movies is available for purchase. So now instead of taking the express lane, you can fly over all the traffic in sky express.

This fast food world is the best time to be a broker/agent. The sooner the better when the shipper calls and tells you he has a load left over and can’t find a truck. If you can find that truck you are going to make a customer for life. Building relationships with shippers can be slow but if you address their distress needs, fast you will quickly solidify a burgeoning relationship.

You and I want our calls answered by a real human being.

We all want our orders processed in lighting speed.

Complaints should be handled first … and fast

Get the bad news out first thing.

Speed holds on to existing customers.

Listen and handle it fast – whatever the situation.

Convey your reverence for their time.

Knock yourself out showing how much you respect their time.

Research shows that customers hate waiting more than
anything else.

Moving forward (fast),

Jeff Roach

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