Friday, November 30, 2007

Now there are two Jeffs

I am proud to announce my alliance with one of our industry leaders, Jeff Ashcraft. He is joining the Brooke Transportation training team as an instructor in some of our new locations. We are currently updating our website to include his Indianapolis class as well as other locations as soon as we get the logistics worked out. Here’s a brief rundown on his credentials:

Jeff Ashcraft cut his teeth in transportation selling cars, quickly becoming a top sales manager. He then moved over to the freight brokerage side of things. Over the years he has earned expert status in the transportation industry. He teaches from his wealth of experience as a salesman, sales manager, freight broker, and all assets of freight broker operations. Students will catch his passion for the brokerage business as well as the opportunity to be their own boss. He shares specific lessons both good and bad that he has learned throughout his career. Jeff helps students apply the lessons he learned to starting their own careers as a freight broker and a business owner. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is expanding across the nation with the addition of Jeff as an instructor. A more detailed biography on Jeff will be on our website soon.

So if you’re looking to be trained by the best in freight brokerage, sign up for Jeff’s next course or choose a live class in Dallas, Jacksonville or online through Gatlin Education.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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