Monday, November 19, 2007

Suceed Today

Why do some seem to succeed easily while others give up trying? Today I read “Blessed or happy are the poor in spirit. “ poor in spirit is the opposite of spiritually proud or self sufficient. I’m thinking you are happy when you give up control (which you never actually have) and enjoy the ride.

As a trainer I meet so many people with so much potential. We develop a bit of a bond in the week of intense training of our freight broker school. So when they want to share something of their journey as a freight broker they often ring me.

I have been getting both hero stories and stories of people throwing in the towel. I want to just roll up and die when someone quits. I want to jump for joy when someone shares success stories.

I guess blessed are the pure in spirit - the humble - but hey show up. You certainly can’t get anywhere if you don’t try, fail some but keep trying. The poor in spirit aren’t too proud to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and try again after a failed attempt. I tell all my students make 50 phone calls a day, every day. You have to make a game of it, a goal, and celebrate the victory of making that many calls, even if none seem to be potential business. The calling helps you polish your calling style, find the kinds of clients who fit with who you are and gives you opportunity to talk with people you’d never have an opportunity to talk with otherwise.

It is hard for me to realize that is hard for some. I thrive on calling on people and trying to make a connection. I think too often a student will quit right before he makes the call that will turn his day.

Brett Farve has more touchdowns than any quarterback but also has the record for the most interceptions. He leaves it all on the field. That is the perspective I want to share. Give it all you got. Because we really do get what we give. Not right away but down the line. Give others time to talk, they will eventually listen to you when the time comes.

Get in the game - the glory goes to those in the game - throw some interceptions and I promise in the process you will throw some touchdowns.

In an interview on Monday football featuring Brett Farve - his wife described them not as heros but as survivors. Go out not to conquer the world but survive by recognizing any gift or talent you have is given to be used, not left unopened, and untried. It is awesome to see someone figure out their gift, then succeed because they get vulnerable and try to use their gift, not accepting defeat but pushing on to success.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach – President

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