Monday, June 16, 2008

It’s another manic Monday. I hit the ground running today. Just remember that every call you make may be the big one…and even if it isn’t the big one it is a call that leads you that much closer to the big one. Everyone I talk with has a story to tell. Listen to a few stories and soon you will have a relationship and that relationship may turn into business, if not be glad you have a relationship. One of the factors in having a happy life is having friends who listen. Be that kind of friend.

I talked to a student recently that has been at it for 3 months - he secured a 30 million dollar account…yes you read right a 30 million dollar account. That’ll buy you a lot off the dollar menu.

I checked it out (since I know some salesmen tend to exaggerate) and it's for real. I asked him how in the world he snagged that account. He said he “cold called” them. The shipper had just hired a new traffic manager and since they both were new the traffic manager said if you can move all of this freight I will give it to you.

I helped him secure some major carriers to get the loads moved. Now he will make over a million dollars this year as an agent.

This does not happen but maybe once or twice in your career.

I asked him why he made that call. He said I was at work doing my job. I hope this inspires you not to ever give up. I said man you won the lottery - he said back to me Jeff I did not win anything. I earned it and it started with your class.

Make the calls - it works.

God Bless.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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