Monday, February 27, 2017

2 for 1 Special--last chance

2 for 1 special 
through the end of February 2017.  

Come to freight broker training and bring your spouse, your business partner or a friend.  Both of you will get trained for the price of one.  You can take the class whenever it fits in your schedule.  So long as you put a deposit down on the course before the end of February you will get the 2 for 1 special.  
There is a reason why all the transport companies are hiring. We have never ever had a better environment for freight transport specialist and those companies who arrange transportation services for profit (freight brokers).  I truly can’t think of a better time to be in this industry in my 30 year career in the freight industry.

Every day on the news I hear great signals for economic prosperity on the horizon.  The Dow Jones just hit an all time high.  Regardless of your political views, the macro picture for the transportation industry has never been better.

We hear that new construction of manufacturing plants is in the works.
US companies are trading at all time highs on the stock exchange, which means more capitol investments.

USA is investing in infrastructure improvements including the building of more pipelines, highways and tunnels. 
I recently heard that a large percentage of our bridges need bolstering.  All these projects will require the transportation of needed materials, equipment, and food. 

In anticipation of this economic opportunity, Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is offering a two for the price of one special.   

Training with another has great benefits.  We have many husband and wife teams train together so they both know how to run the business.  A partner may hear different things so together a team will be better informed.  During training each person may figure what area of the business they feel best suits their skills and personality.  Partners can help motivate and inspire the other.  So come join us.
This is your chance to get a great head start in your career as an agent or broker and bring a friend along.

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