Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Work from Home

As a freight broker I have worked at an office and from home.  I prefer working from home but I find it both challenging and rewarding.  Most of the graduates from Brooke Transportation Training Solutions freight broker training course start as agents of a larger brokerage working out of their home.  If you'd enjoy working from home this is a great career option for you.

I love the commute!  I walk from my bed to my desk and start work.  My desk is set up in our great room with huge plate glass windows that look out on a lake. I work hard for a few hours and then take a break to take a walk.  I find if I get up and do the hardest things I need to do first I am invigorated to keep going.  My tendency is to want to put off the hard phone calls and tedious tasks but I fight that tendency everyday.

During my walk breaks I will analyze the phone calls I have already completed and make a mental note of what I want to accomplish that day.  I may call one of my mentors while walking for inspiration and advice.  

Cold calls are part of the job, but I'm not sure anyone likes cold calling.  So cold calling is one of the things I purpose to do early in my day.  I've learned to try to find a purpose in every call.  Maybe I can encourage someone who needs a good word.  Perhaps a call will build some good will with a company that could later turn into a prospect which could eventually turn into a customer.  I never know.  I treat everyone with respect.  Even if they will never be an asset in my business they may refer someone to me simply because I was respectful.

My day is often high-jacked by incoming phone calls I was not expecting.  But I've found great things can come from the unexpected.  So I treat every call as an opportunity.

Go out and make it a great day.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


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