Friday, February 17, 2017

"A Semester of Info in One Week"

We had a recent student from New Jersey come to our Atlanta freight broker-training course.  She had no prior experience in the transportation industry.  She wrote a letter to her instructor Drake:

Dear Drake,

Thank you for your continued support and providing information on the building of the process of becoming successful in this "business."

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about another fascinating career path.  I was the only one in the session who did not know very much about the transportation side of moving freight throughout the country and the world---it was truly an eye-opening experience.  I have studied marketing from the academic side, but never from the physical movement side.  You gave us a "grand" tour of the other side of the coin--the logistics of movement.  It was overwhelming in the beginning, but became clearer as the week progressed.  Your one-week presentation provided a semester of information.  You were patient, answered questions with enthusiasm and were not satisfied until we understood.  It was evident that you were passionate about teaching and the field.

Thank you for the personal touch, the professional coaching and teaching style.


Celia D. Younger, PME Transport, LLC

I appreciate my excellent instructors and eager students who give our school greatness. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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