Monday, February 20, 2017

A Freight Broker’s Success Story

--> Our Freight Broker Training Course is a 40-hour jump start into a career as a freight broker.  I am confident our course gives our graduates the tools for success.   But it is up to each individual to work hard and stay focused no matter the obstacles that come.   I can’t make any promises of success or of monetary gain because much of one’s success in this industry, as in any industry, depends on the person. 

Here is the story of one graduate who has found success:

An interview with Thomas Gaither, TNB Freight Logistics, LLC

When did you attend Brooke Transportation Training Solution’s (BTTS) freight broker class?

April 2015

What was the most beneficial thing you learned? 

Personality traits and what I would be faced with. He prepared me to know the money won’t just come.  I have to stay motivated to keep going.  The instructor told what he faced, the odds, and the attrition rate. 

What information have you used most?

People can stop you temporarily but only you can stop yourself permanently.

Did you feel prepared to be a freight broker?

More scared than prepared.

Did you have prior experience?

I was a shipper of dry groceries and produce when I decided to become a freight broker.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have 2 babies, 10 month old and 22 months old.  I get to watch them grow (working from home as a freight broker)

What’s been the most challenging?

I hate cold calling but know it pays off.  I have freight but can’t find good help, delegating is tough.

Do you feel you have found success? 


What makes you feel successful? 

Looking at the numbers.  I made some bad choices in my youth that made it hard to find a good paying job.  Now I have a career to take care of my family.

How do you build relationships?

I read up on the markets of my customers so I have some knowledge to offer them.  I learn about their interests.  I quote quickly and communicate.  Truthfulness is the key.  I am a problem solver

What advice would you give someone thinking about becoming a broker?

Know that this is not a get-rich quick career, it takes hard work.  Jeff  Roach has become a mentor to me. 

BTTS is a good school that will teach the full circle.  I graduated 2 years ago, yet Jeff still gives me advice.  BTTS returns my calls.  They don’t just throw you out to fin for yourself. 

Get your foot in the door and build your base.  Be thorough. 

Thank you, Thomas for your insight into the road to success as a freight broker.  

Like Thomas, you can learn a new career with great potentialJoin us at our next class.  

 Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 


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