Friday, May 5, 2017

Above and Beyond!

We had an incredible class this April in our Ontario, California location! Our expert instructor, Brad Lingo, enriched these students with the confidence and knowledge they needed to start their exciting new careers. In their testimonials, they commended him on his ability to explain everything in extreme detail, create a comfortable learning environment, and go above and beyond to instill his wisdom and experience unto them. Great job, Brad! And congratulations to these new freight brokers and agents! Read their full testimonials below. 

“As a former truck driver, this broker class at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions L.L.C. has shed light on the many opportunities available within the transportation industry outside of the truck. Brad has provided the class with great insight and knowledge that I feel will definitely help us succeed once us we get into the field. He also has a great personality that made me comfortable and willing to accept the information he provided. Learning from someone with the level of experience that Brad has in an invaluable asset that I can honestly say was a great investment.” - Jonathan Henry

“This class was very detailed about applying for your authority. It had step by step (guidance) and also provided resources for requirements that are needed to apply for your authority. The instructor did a great job of teaching us many different ways to approach sales. His experience was informational and showed us what customers are interested in. I would recommend this course. They take the time to work with you rather than sticking to just the book. They are great at giving you positive feedback.” - Maribel Maravilla

“The freight broker/freight agent training course was an excellent opportunity for me to expand my business. The textbook explains and pinpoints how to build the structure of opening up your own broker company. The knowledge I have gained from the course will definitely help in my future projects within the transportation industry. P.S. Special thanks to my instructor, Brad Lingo.” - Juan J. Aguilar Vazquez

“I truly enjoyed learning more about the trucking/transportation industry and how our company can strategically grow with a solid foundation - knowledge and taking action. Our instructor, Brad, as a subject matter expert, shared with us valuable information - not only through materials but through knowledge acquired throughout the years as a professional in this field. Thank you, Brad, for sharing your talents and skills with us.” - Crystal M.

“Taking the training class here at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions L.L.C. has been an amazing experience. I feel when I leave this class I will be more knowledgeable than before. My instructor, Brad, was very detailed in the information (he) provided to the class. I also love the fact that he is willing to go above his job and assist with any questions or concerns I may have after this class in the future. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to get in the transportation business. Thank you, Brad for your time and patience.” - Devin Blanton 

“I find the contents of this book very informative and boosts up the confidence (to work) in brokering field. It makes you ready to (take on the) real world of sales calls, operations, and prepares you to bring out the best of you to customers! Brad Lingo, the instructor of this course, was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable being in the class and learning from him. He takes his time to explain everything in detail and makes sure that when you learn the course, you have the confidence to do the best in this field and become a professional broker. I surely recommend this course and especially Brad Lingo.” - Sirojiddin Bekchanov

Have you ever considered starting a career as a freight broker? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our online course from the comfort of your home. Feel free to call me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your future (214) 206-1169

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