Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Wanna Quit

What do you do when you feel very discouraged, defeated, or useless?  You can wallow in those feelings awhile but don't get stuck there or you'll never succeed.

When you wanna quit call on an encourager.  Have people in your life that speak "life".  An encourager will spur us back onto the positive path.  They look for the good in every situation.  Our natural tendency is to think about what went wrong in the day instead of what went well.  An encourager will help you not go down the path of defeat.  Look for the good, the progress and the victories in each day.  We of course need to "vent" a little but try to have a limit on how long you allow negative talk come out of your mouth.  

A freight broker just starting out can get discouraged easily.  It takes some time to make a first sale and even longer to establish customers for repeat business.  I tell my freight broker students to have some stout savings at the start of their business.  Be confidant and content with living off of savings or other income when you first start.  Then you don't feel pressure to pressure potential customers to give you business.  Approach every sale with an attitude of gratitude.  Each interaction is one step closer to a sale, be thankful for that.  Each interaction teaches you more about the industry,  be thankful for that.  Each interaction may be a new encourager for you, be thankful for that.

If you need some postitive talk in your life, give me a call.  I try to be an encourager to all my students because I've been there.

Moving forward

Jeff Roach

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