Friday, May 26, 2017

Helping Our Heroes: Creating New Opportunities for Disabled Veterans in the Transportation Industry

Our company, Brooke Transportation Training, is a career school that trains individuals to be freight brokers and agents. We’re most grateful and honored to be approved by the government to train disabled veterans and give them the opportunity to work from home as freight broker agents.
Meet one of our veterans, Cavin Brown. He trained with us last month and was kind enough to share a little about his training experience at Brooke, including what to expect during and after training, along with valuable advice for other veterans who are considering starting a career in this lucrative industry. Read his interview below.
Describe your experience training at Brooke: Knowing upfront that this business is all about hard work, dedication, resilience, and integrity was the true value.. and knowing what it really takes to be successful in any industry. My experience was fulfilling and motivating. I immediately felt you guys’ love. This industry offers a huge opportunity to anyone willing to put in the work.
How was working with the team at Brooke? Well, I feel like an extended family member really. Everyone was super easy going.
As you embark on your new career, what are you looking forward to? I’m most excited about having the opportunity to be an independent business owner, control my quality of life, and offer the same motivation and opportunity to others.
What opportunities have you found after graduation? I’ve found that after only a few weeks out of training at BTTS that finding a job opportunity would be the easy part. Negotiating your contract doesn’t take long - you’ll know what's right for you by the time you complete training.
What would you tell other veterans who are considering training at Brooke and starting a career in this industry? Well, don’t be closed minded on the approach. Even if you do, I think after a couple of days you'll see how big of a difference this opportunity can make in your life... Be ready for a lot of good info. Don’t be overwhelmed. It'll fade fast and before you know it brokers will be knocking down your door and you'll be on your way... 
Don’t be afraid of failure - be more afraid of not trying. Your very dream could be right in arms reach. Being open minded, respectful, honest and having the will to network will take you out of your comfort zone and that's exactly where change happens. Keep pushing!
- Cavin Brown
We’d like to give a big thank you to Cavin for sharing. If you know any veterans who may be interested in this opportunity, please pass this along to them. All of us at Brooke are truly passionate about helping our country’s heroes provide for themselves and their families through our training program.
We are also interested in building new relationships with successful freight brokers and agents, who are interested in taking on our trained graduates as agents. All of our graduates need mentors and the best mentors are established freight brokers and agents. We‘re looking for people who are “go-getters and go-givers,” who care about the success of our students as much as we do. We are looking for people who remember what it was like to be given their first chance and would like to give that back to someone else. If this is something you are interested in, please give us a call or check out our website.
“Success is when you achieve the good things life has to offer. Significance is when you help someone else achieve the good things life has to offer.” - Tom Ziglar
Moving Forward,
Jeff Roach
President, Brooke Transportation Training
(214) 206-1169

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