Monday, May 8, 2017

Unstoppable New Freight Brokers

Our Dallas April class was truly one to remember. This group was so vibrant and ready to learn. In their testimonials, they expressed the level of information they received exceeded their expectations. In addition to the valuable information they learned, they also gained motivation and confidence to be unstoppable and move forward into their successful new careers! Read their full testimonials below. 

“My experience before and while I’ve been here has been very informative and such a pleasure. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is a top notch organization. Everyone has been helpful and motivational. Look forward to my advanced training and helping others like Mr. Jeff and BTTS family.” - Cavin Brown

“Brooke was a great experience for me. I entered the class with very little knowledge but learned so much in the five days here. All the instructors were great and very easy to understand. Although a lot of information was given, I still felt very confident upon completion of the five-day course.” - Greg Washington

“My experience with Brooke Transportation has been outstanding. I expected to learn about freight broker agent positions in logistics, but the level of information shared was far beyond expectations. I will certainly apply all of the information that has been given to me. I certainly will recommend this class to others. Drake is a wonderful instructor. He does a thorough job at explaining and making sure you understand. Tish is great as well. I enjoyed her method of teaching, as well. I have enjoyed every moment of the course offered. Thank you so much.” - Mary L.

“Very blessed to have vocational rehab to see the same vision as I did on this particular endeavor. A lot of information to retain but with the tools given in class and the calming and candor personality of Drake and Tish who were willing to answer any and all questions to my understanding. Not only me but the whole class. Believe me, this particular class had a lot of questions. It’s been a pleasure. I’m very excited and after being education on this subject matter I feel I’m equipped to take on this industry head on. Thanks.” - Duane Alvin

“I attended the Brooke Training Solutions basic class beginning April 24th, 2017. The instructors were Drake Sliver, Tish Cozine, Mr. Jeff Roach, and a presentation by Mr. Bryan Flanagan. The class was very informative, organized, and interesting. My instructors were extremely knowledgeable and provided the necessary training needed to be a successful transportation broker/agent. Not only was the class informative, but highly motivational as well. They were able to give me confidence that I am prepared to move forward with a successful career.” - Patrick Lamb

“I am a very satisfied student of Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. I was enrolled in the one week class the week of April 24th, 2017. I have to say that I am truly impressed with the knowledge of the trainers. Coming from a truck driver’s background, some of the lingo was really familiar. However, hearing things from the broker/agent side truly broaden my horizon. I am leaving this training feeling unstoppable, very capable, and ready to learn as a sales representative. As a full fledge agent within 3 months or earlier. Within 6 months, I will have my agency up and running with atlas 4-6 subagents and 2 sales reps. Thank you, Jeff, Jan, Drake, and Tish for everything. Talk to you all soon.” - Lisa Mitchell  

Have you ever considered starting a career as a freight broker? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our online course from the comfort of your home. Feel free to call me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your future (214) 206-1169

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

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