Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Thought this was a good article on the effectiveness of online learning. I think a person needs to choose what method makes sense for them. Some people enjoy the class room interaction. Some can't sit in a classroom for a week for a variety of reasons. For that reason I offer both online and live classes. Have a read and see what you think.

Adapted from “e-learning the 90-10 Solution”

by Bob Livingston

How much of the training in an organization can be done on-line? In a recent conversation, an executive concluded that all training could be done online. Others have offered opinions that run the gamut of percentages. Most run between 40% and 60%. And yes, there is still the occasional person who believes that e-learning can't do anything well. My own conclusions put it more at the 90-10 level.

Great online training can provide a learning experience that will provide the same results as great classroom training. However, the program must remain sound from a learning standpoint to reach this level of accomplishment. Online courses must have that right blend of involvement and reflection that makes the classroom so important. That is missing in many courses. Involvement is limited, and any reflection on the material is almost non-existent. There no longer exists any technical reason why these can't be included. That's why I think the number is at, least, 90%. What is the 10% that can’t be learned online? Skills that demand actual person-to-person practice. Sales skills and team skills are the first that come to mind. Concepts can be taught on-line, but you have to train the skills in the field.

Team skills require a classroom to promote the bonding required when the learning takes place. That's it! Field training and bonding! I believe we are at a point where 90% of training can be accomplished online. What do you think?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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