Monday, April 13, 2009

New Place to Work

Want a new job? A new career? A new reason to get up in the morning? I have the priviledge of talking with those seeking a new thing every day. I get a new zest for life because I get to talk with these movers and shakers. The forward thinking individuals that call me to sign up for class are a little scared to leave their comfort zone but mostly excited to learn something totally new or learn a different aspect of their industry or polish a skill that will help them succeed and perform better. I mostly talk with potential students for my live freight broker class or online class but I do also get to talk with those who go to our elearning center to take some other kind of class. Talking with them about their dreams is like watching a caged animal being released. My little Chihuahuas enjoy their kennels. It is a safe, warm, cozy place for them to sleep or to escape. But when I unlatch the gate in the morning they bound out with a renewed energy. Sometimes we all need to escape the safe and go for a new adventure.

In my grandpa’s era most guys worked at the same place, or at least in the same field their whole life. They earned the 25 year silver watch award. I’m not sure anybody gives out 25 year watches anymore for 25 years of service at one company. Maybe that is a bad thing, maybe not. I don’t like that it seems neither the employee nor employer recognizes value in loyalty. But then maybe it shows that we have more desire for variety and challenge in our daily work.

Learn a little something new today, then again tomorrow and so on. Pretty soon your brain will be overflowing with new information. You will perform better at work, and be a better conversationalist. We live in a dynamic, ever changing world. I can’t keep up but I’m not going to lay back and let the opportunities pass me by either.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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