Thursday, April 30, 2009

Characteristics of a Freight Broker

Whenever a prospective student calls in to ask about our freight broker course I don’t hard sell them. I spend time getting to know them to see if they have the characteristics of a successful freight broker. I want students who will likely find success. Our goal is to screen people, not sell them. I make sure they know what they are getting into.

To be a successful freight broker you have to be able to match loads with truckers. You spend a lot of time on the phone finding loads and finding carriers. You must be diligent in follow up. If a problem arises with a shipment you must have the courage to call your customer and let them know that their load is delayed or has been stolen or whatever the problem may be. You have to be able to prepare quotes. You must be self motivated and goal oriented. And a good sense of humor helps too.

Have you heard the saying, “he could sell a popsickle to an Eskimo?” In other words, he can talk you into buying something you don’t need. In my book, that is not what makes a good salesman. A good salesman finds out what you need and helps you with that need if he can.

A prospect may not know if they would make a good freight broker. So I first
tell them why I love doing what I do. I tell them why I love the freight business. Why I love teaching and about the exel freight broker agent program we have in place.

I then explain our different courses. We have our basic course live and online and our advanced course. We limit our live courses so each student gets individualized attention and all their questions answered. I also do coaching by phone and in person.

This is not a get rich quick business but some people do get very rich if they stay at it. Tomorrow I'll write about what a broker can expect to make.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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The way to be successful freight broker is to become a student and learn everything you can about becoming a freight broker by attending training programs, participating in webinars, reading books, researching online, networking within the industry and most of all never stop learning.