Thursday, April 16, 2009

You're Never Too Old

One of my heros and great inspiration in my life is Zig Ziglar. He was 40 and bankrupt when he wrote his first Best Seller, Meet You at the Top. Now he is probably the best known inspirational speaker in America. His corporation includes a sterling group of inspiring speakers to carry on his message. He starts his book with a list of goals he decided he would go for. He was overweight and unhealthy so he made a goal to loose a certain amount of pounds. He had a spiritual goal because he'd just made a new commitment to serve God. He had a business goal.

I need to hear about success stories like that because it is easy to think my best days are behind me. Instead I need to remember that as long as I have breath there is purpose for my life. I need to always have a set of goals that give me a purpose in life.

This next week we will be having a live freight broker class in Dallas/Fort Worth. Meeting a new set of students is a great inspiration to me. They always have intriguing stories and a zest for a new career. Want to learn something new? Give me a call and join our class. It teaches you how to be a freight broker and a whole lot more. Our teachers (and I'll be in the mix) are amazing. I look forward to sending you their testimonials about the class.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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