Friday, April 3, 2009

A Great Lane

A great lane of freight, that is.

My wife is an interior decorator (when she's not helping me with the school... and everything else in my life). She was decorating a home recently and asked the home owner what she did for a living. Turns out for 18 years this brilliant lady has done an incredible job delivering phone books all over the country. My wife told her about our freight brokerage and would love to give her a quote if she ever needs help getting a load delivered. Just give us a call. Here is her version of the story:

"Janis Roach is so sweet. She was decorating my house and we got to talking about business. I explained to her that I'm in charge of getting phone books delivered from the printing house to the tabbing shop then to the various markets then to the end user. A bulk of my time is spent traveling around arranging home delivery in the various markets.

Janis told me her husband Jeff was a freight broker and taught freight brokering. He could help me with shipping the books across country if I ever needed. Because of economic concerns I was shopping prices on deliveries so I gave Jeff a call for a quote. He was so very thankful for the opportunity. He found me a great rate for delivery of the books from the printer to the tabber so I tried him out on that lane. He did such an outstanding job that I have given him more lanes. Jeff is so easy to work with and very accommodating. He has given me the best customer service. Shipping phone books is not easy. We move 6 million books a year... when you consider we move them from the printer to the tabber then to the market that is like moving 12 million books. 11 months of the year we have 4 to 5 weeks to get up to 700,000 books from printer to end user. It is very busy. Lots of details to cover. Jeff is now a part of my team. I couldn't do it without a very reliable team."

I am so thankful for the trust she has put in me. You never know from where your next piece of business will come. No matter the state of the economy there are loads that need to be moved across the country. When the economy is a little uncertain, like now, excellence in customer service is even more important. I try to treat a customer's loads like it were my own. I feel like I have to earn their continued business by handling the current business with the utmost care. I do my best to get every load delivered on time. If along the way a problem arises, I quickly let my customer know of the situation and my plan of action.

Keep up you calls, service your customer well and you will succeed.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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