Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Directions by Joe

New research conducted by The Coffee Association of America (CAOA) found that owners of Navigational Systems are heavy coffee drinkers. So a leading producer of coffee and a well know GPS systems manufacturer are teaming up to produce a navigation system that is also a coffee maker. The unit will be called "Directions by Joe". The unit will fit easily in the cup holder of most consoles. The unit can be voice activated for either brewing a fresh cup of coffee or getting directions. Simply speak what drink you would like from hot chocolate to latte and the machine starts percolating. Joe will tell you when your beverage is ready. Or tell the unit where you are headed and he'll give you turn by turn directions. The unit will fit all O'Bama's proposed energy efficient guidelines for appliances. It will use a hybrid of solar, wind and cigarette lighter energy.

The drink solutions are highly concentrated into a packet the size of a penny so each unit can make up to 15 cups before needing a refill. In taste tests, consumers found the coffee gourmet equivalent.

In addition to brewing coffee, and giving directions the unit can also charge a cell phone, power a laptop computer and has MP3 capabilities using the vehicle speaker system.

The inventors predict that truck drivers will be one of the top purchasers of "Directions by Joe" since they are on the road so much. With "Directions by Joe" truckers can find their destinations easily and stay awake in style with a gourmet brew.

Now if they can only figure out how to bake up a fresh coffee cake to go along with the Cup of Joe.

To get more information on Directions by Joe dial 1-800-APRILS FOOLS.

Moving Forward

Jeff Roach

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