Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't be a Gas Guzzler

With the high cost of gasoline (still low compared to rates in other countries) there has been a lot written about ways to save fuel. Here are some ways I’ve thought of, read, used, and heard about of late.
#1. Don’t drive (duh). Can you walk or bike to the store? Can you and your neighbor ride together to the grocery? Be creative.
#2 Slow Down - Driving 60 mph instead of 70 mph saves up to 55 cents per gallon (get your need for speed on a skateboard)
#3 Replace Air Filter - Saves up to 35 cents per gallon
#4 Check Tire Pressure - Correct pressure saves up to 11 cents per gallon (I kind of enjoy using a tire gauge)
#5 Use Correct Type of Oil for Oil Changes - Saves 4-7 cents per gallon
#6 Get rid of extra weight in the car (like a tool box, not the dog)
#7 No more jackrabbit stops and starts
#8 Fill your tank in the morning (cooler gas is denser) at the ½ empty spot on your gauge (to minimize air in your tank).
#9. Avoid Idling (it’ll save you gas and some air pollution too)
Think before you jump in the car. Our truckers depend on fuel to make a living. The rest of us could cut back fuel need by driving a bit smarter, a bit slower and only as needed. Perhaps we could even reduce our need for foreign oil – what a concept.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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