Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Personalize with Personality

As you build your prospect list you will interact with all kinds of people. God has created us all unique yet there are four main personality styles. Most people are a combination of two. Understanding the personality characteristics will help you understand your prospect and thus better meet their need. Books have been written on this stuff but here it is in a nutshell. The four main personality styles are The Driver, motivated by control, The Perfectionist, motivated by doing things precise, The Popular motivated by Fun and the Peacemaker motivated by calm lack of conflict.

The Driver will need to control the conversation and want you to get right to the point. If you approach a perfectionist with a scattered approach they will not trust you to get things done right and in an orderly manner. If you are all business with a popular type they won’t see the fun they need in working with you. Tell a joke or at least take a lighthearted approach. The peacemaker will run from a hard sell approach because that causes inner conflict. They need to know you are on their side and need a peaceful approach to doing business. I’m not suggesting you try to be someone your not. But recognize your message will best be understood when communicated with your prospects personality in mind. I suggest that my students prospect by asking questions. Listen more than you talk. As you listen intently you can usually get a feel for a person’s main personality style. To read more about this, grab a copy of Personality Plus by Florence Littauer available through Amazon.com and others. The book includes a personality test that will help you determine your personality.

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Jeff Roach

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