Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Power of Training

I often get asked if training is necessary to be a broker and about how to choose a training program. You don’t have to get training but you will probably not make it if you don’t. We’ve had students that have been in the industry for years as well as newbies. The experienced one often testify (see testimonials at that they had no idea how much they didn’t know.
A perk about class besides learning a new field is the entertainment value. My teachers know their stuff plus they aren’t stuffy lecturers. They keep things lively so the students learn. In college I noticed the info presented by professors who drone on and on are not real memorable. And if you come to class in Dallas I am one of the teachers. Since I’m ADD I understand how to help those who are easily distracted stay tuned – with humor and quirkiness.
Q: How qualified are Brooke’s teacher?

A: BTTS instructors are experts in their fields and experienced teachers. They developed the curriculum; lesson plans and takes home materials from the knowledge they learned as successful freight brokers.

Q: Are there different levels of broker certification (i.e., Master Broker – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, or Journeyman Broker, - Silver).

A: There is only one level of broker certification, Property Broker, commonly called a Freight Broker. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does not recognize any other title than Property Broker. Choose additional schooling not for a better certification but to hone your skills.
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