Friday, April 11, 2008

Get Personal

Years ago I had my graphic artist design me a classy looking personalized thank you note. She had done some work for George Bush, Sr and mentioned that George had some presidential looking cards he carried with him everywhere he went. He’d often spend his hours on Air Force One writing notes of encouragement and thankyous to people he met or those who’d helped him out. I asked the artist to design and print a stash of those cards for me so I could thank prospects for their time, customers for their shipments, truckers for their late night runs, my associates for tracking down a lost load, etc.

We live in an electronic world. Emails are good but a handwritten note in this virtual world has great impact. I had a fabulous opportunity to meet with a potentially gigantic account this week. And I’m out of my personalized, super classy looking cards. I’m getting more on a rush order so I can thank all the people who helped me get the appointment, those I met with and the receptionist who directed me to the right office. I introduce myself to everyone because it is the right thing to do. All people have value. And you never know, receptionist today could be the president of the company down the line. My niece took a job a month ago. Within the month her two supervisors quit or were let go, so she’s the senior person now. How’s that for climbing the corporate ladder in record time.

Who needs some encouragement or thanks from you this week? Take an hour of your weekend, go sit by a swimming pool or on a park bench and write out a few notes. Be encouraging and you will be encouraged.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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