Wednesday, April 23, 2008

True Riches

Excerpt from The American Dream from an Indian Heart by Krish Dhanam

If you are an immigrant like me, you have a better chance at self-appreciation if you understand that your accent may be a given and that the dream is yours for the taking. In most of my waking moments, I realize I am poor. I might have a car, a house and the ability to pack my belongings and my dreams to take a trip. But I am still poor until I realize that the greatest wealth is defined not by how much you have, but by what you are. For eight to ten hours a day you practice a skill to make a living. However, for the balance of the day you need to muster up the will to make a life. When skill and will come together you will have unleashed on the world for the very first time a twenty four hour champion...

Are you reacting to someone's perception of what you can or cannot be, or are you looking at yourself and saying, "All I want is the opportunity to thrive in freedom"?

Krish is a guest speaker at Brooke Transportation Training. He has a unique position from which to help me appreciate the American dream. He brings humor and great insight into our course.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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